It blew a farking gale here last night. I just needed to put that in writing for posterity. My neighbour came round to give me back my garden parasol that had apparently leapt 40 foot into the air, clean over the house on onto the roof my Wife’s car. T’was a shame that when he arrived I was wearing an old style nightshirt and a bowler hat at the time. He was cool about it.

Anyway, warming to the subject of bizarre texts from strangers, this morning I’ve been installing a plug-in for ProTools called Speakerphone. I had to show you this because I think it nicely sums up how we all feel about computer software. This is genuinely from the Speakerphone manual –

1. To install the Speakerphone samples please double click:

Install Speakerphone Samples

When the DVD samples installer gives an error, please create a folder on your desktop called DVD and then copy the entire content of this DVD (except for the audio ease movies folder) to the folder on the desktop and then run the installer from there. When this does not solve the problem please contact Audio Ease support.


2 Responses to “Huffnpuff”

  1. ljp says:

    I thought Apple stuff ‘just worked’? (Apart from the iPhone 4 it would appear). Having worked in IT for years I think the IT Crowds approach sums software / computers up perfectly, “Have you restarted it?”. If its a Mac the general rule of thumb is to reinstall the OS again, while singing “Praise be to Steve Jobs”.

    If you want to have a look at other things like poor grammar and spelling look at my website, I’ve started taking photos and putting them online.

  2. roger says:

    not if, but when!