It’s Alive!

Monday September 27th will be momentous for a number of reasons. Firstly, it will be the first rehearsal for Defence Of The Realm. As is as was ever was with us, there are date clashes so this will be Pete’s only run through with us until the day. I tell you, the day something I’m involved in goes onstage absolutely calm and rehearsed to the gunnels will be the day the earth explodes.

Do other bands have this problem?

Anyway I’m not too worried as Pete is firstly a total pro, secondly, he wrote a good few of these tunes and has played a good few more of them a good few times so I have no worries there. Me, Mitch and Blunders will be convening for the weekend of October 2 and 3 for a bassless practice. Actually, for us, this is quite staggeringly rehearsed.

The merch is being made, our costumes are ready, the keyboards are all programmed up and ready to go, the little inbetweenysongbits are coming together. It should be a topper night out.

3 weeks tonight in fact.

The other thing to celebrate on the 27th is that finally, they guys are hooking real, actual electricity into the new Cube. It’ll have power! It’ll be alive at last!

I’ve got bugger all to put in it yet, but at least the builders will have something to power their buildy things with.

But before that, tomorrow in fact, it’s THE social event of the year. For me at least…

Forget Christmas and all that, I’m off to the Goodwood Revival. I’ve been going for 6 years now and it’s just the best weekend out a man with a pipe and leisure trouser can have. It also gives me a chance to have a couple of days off. I’ve been at it pretty much solidly now for a month and a half and I am in need of a bit of mental refreshment. Word reaches me that Johnny Mitchell’s going too quite by chance, so it promises to be a bit of a day if I can find him in the throng.

That said, I’ve just burned two CD’s with 2.2 hours of Joe Satriani tunes on ‘em so I can learn a bit more of them on the journey over to Westest Sussexshire. 28 songs no less. And we’re onstage in 30 days, give or take.

There really is no rest for the wicked…

Pip pip!

3 Responses to “It’s Alive!”

  1. @martin_best says:

    “gunwales”, surely, old chap? You’ve been on a boat – I’ve seen the film.

    Anyhow, very excited to think that end-of-term rehearsals are on the horizon. I’m looking forward to many audio and visual delights in Islingtonshire.

    I do hope Craig is fitting in okay – he seems to have the right sense of humour, anyway.

    Power to the Cube!

  2. phil says:

    Dear Jem, nice hearing from you again and congratulations on the cube being powered. I’m looking forward to see the new cube ‘in action’, as I have to build myself a cube, too ( someday… soon,) . Maybe we get a video??? Your youtube channel needs a fresh one.
    Joe…. please, please play on the German concerts, too.
    I would love to see you in Cologne.
    What about Frost opening for Joe…. that would be AMAZING…

    Or at least try to make a short german tour with frost next time…. If you are looking for smaller Clubs to play, feel free to come back at me…

    Thank you for all the Musik and videos so far. Its been a great inspiration for me playing the keys and arranging songs.

    Have a nice and pleasant time at Goodwood .

  3. Blessed Dude says:

    Looking forward to Glasgow on the 22nd!

    Soooooo, what chance of a guest appearance from His Royal Satchness on the next Frost* opus?